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Have you ever wondered how you went from a carefree baby to who you are now?

What if you found out that most of the beliefs that you are operating from were formed when you were just a child - between the ages 0 to 7? 

After age 7, a filter is formed between our conscious and subconscious minds and we start to operate from a logical stance.

This means that the decisions we make in early childhood directly shape the way our lives are going to turn out.

Regression Therapy is a process of understanding why you decided on these beliefs in the past and deciding on beliefs that will serve you better today.

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Is regression therapy for me?


That voice in my head

Do you keep hearing this voice in your head that tells you that you're not smart enough, rich enough, thin enough or capable enough?

Inner conflict 

Do you have conflicting emotions towards the same person? Do you love someone but are angry at them at the same time? 

Searching for more

Have you ever felt like something significant is missing in your life?

Does it feel like you are constantly searching for purpose and meaning?

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Looking for a simple and easy guide on how to work with your inner child?
Take the quiz and find out if you have any inner children you may be able to work with. 

"While there is very little adult in a child, there is tons of child in an adult."

- Walt Disney

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