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Image by Joice Lumertz

Childhood Trauma

Have you ever wondered how you went from a baby to where you are today?

Childhood trauma could come from a plethora of places; Your parents, siblings, caregivers, extended family, teachers, friends, and even situations like natural disasters, conflict, separation, illness, and poor socio-economic background. 

When children do not have their needs met and experience prolonged physical and emotional pain, they experience trauma. This often leads to the formation of a belief. While this belief may have served you in the past, it wasn't meant to run as a program for the rest of your life. This is why it becomes important to process childhood trauma. The past may be over but it only really becomes the past once we make peace with it.

What does childhood trauma look like in your today?

Inability to communicate effectively

Building walls instead of bridges

The same issue keeps repeating itself over and over again

  • Do you react in anger when things do not go as planned instead of addressing what happened in a calm and cool manner? 

  • Are you listening to the people around you? Do you have a pretty good idea of how they feel and what they want?

  • Are you having conversations with other people in your head or constanly replaying situations over and over again?

  • Do you shut people out of your life or cut them off completely?

  • When relationships get challenging do you "check out" of the situation instead of communicate your needs? 

  • Do you experience emotions in an extreme like anger or sadnes or frustration but do not let anyone know how you feel?

  • Are you having the same argument, same thoughts and same feelings repeating themselves over and over again?

  • Do other people keep saying the same thing to you? 

  • Do you feel stuck. like you want to do something about the problem but just can't seem to do anything about it?

Are you curious to find out more about healing childhood trauma?

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