Workshops & Free Talks 

Inner Child Workshop

Our childhood experiences can leave deep impressions that shape the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us. 

In particular, experiences that result in heightened emotional states, and associated risks and rewards, often become lodged in different aspects of our being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), continuing to influence our adult behaviour at an unconscious level. 

This 1-day workshop will give you a comprehensive insight on inner-child therapy and how to use it as a tool for personal growth and transformation. 

  • Gain visibility on aspects where your inner-child is leading the adult you (at work and at home)

  • Learn how to listen & communicate with your inner child (and why this is important) 

  • Expand your self-awareness and identify opportunities to unlock growth potential

  • Learn strategies & tools to re-parent your inner child



  • Learn skills and techniques to manage your emotions maturely

  • Improve your connection with yourself and your friends and family

  • Gain confidence to live your most authentic life and speak your truth 



Contact: Darvinya | (+65) 97551590 |

Reiki Workshop

Workshop Content:
• Introduction to Usui Reiki and Energy Healing
• History and background of Reiki as a self-healing modality.
• 4 Attunements to activate Reiki permenantly within the body.

Techniques Learnt:
​1. Chakra Balancing  - Learn how to use Reiki to balance your chakras.
2. Full body healing treatment - A comprehensive deep healing technique aimed at creating long-term health and wellness. 
3. First aid treatment - Reiki as a tool to help with injuries and health issues.
4. Treating others with Reiki - Learn how to perform a Reiki treatment on someone else.
5. Animal and Plant Reiki - Learn how to treat your animals and plants with Reiki.
6. Intuitive Reiki - Enhance your intuition in order to heal yourself and others. 

Workshop duration:
12 Hours over 2 days or 3 days


Contact: Darvinya | (+65) 97551590 |
Feeling like reiki may be a little bit too "woo woo"?