Discover Your Inner Child

Do I have an inner child? 


That voice in my head

Do you keep hearing this voice in your head that tells you that you're not smart enough, rich enough, thin enough or capable enough?

Inner conflict 

Do you have conflicting emotions towards the same person? Do you love someone but are angry at them at the same time? 

Searching for more

Have you ever felt like something significant is missing in your life?

Does it feel like you are constantly searching for purpose and meaning?


Have you ever wondered how you went from a carefree baby to who you are now?

What if you found out that most of the beliefs that you are operating from were formed when you were just a child - between the ages 0 to 7? 

After age 7, a filter is formed between our conscious and subconscious minds and we start to operate from a logical stance.


This means that the decisions we make in early childhood directly shape the way our lives are going to turn out.

“While there is very little adult in a child, there is tons of child in an adult”
– Walt Disney 

Toddler in Bed
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What is an inner child?

An inner child is a part of our psyche which remains stuck in time due to a significant positive or negavtive event that happened at that time. 

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An inner child is formed when we experience a heightened emotion during childhood. It could be a negative emotion like anger, guilt, shame or sadness. It could also be a postiive emotion like joy, happiness or sense of achivement. 

How is an inner child formed?  

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When do our inner children show up in our everyday life? 

Whenever you are reacting to life instead of responding, your inner children are in charge. 

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What makes inner child work effective? 

Going back and directly getting in touch with your inner child is an important means of releasing the past and changing limiting beleifs.

This very often results in very dramatic change in the present.

One-on-one Coaching 

If you are looking for a safe space to process your inner parts and work through some of life's challenges, one on one coaching may be for you. 

Every individual is unique and has had to go through their own set of challenges. Working with a coach individually, allows for us to come up with a strategic plan to overcome negative beliefs, discover lost parts and create strategic solutions for your life today. 

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IN PERSON Workshop

Our childhood experiences can leave deep impressions that shape the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us. 


In particular, experiences that result in heightened emotional states, and associated risks and rewards, often become lodged in different aspects of our being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), continuing to influence our adult behaviour at an unconscious level. 

This 1-day workshop will give you a comprehensive insight on inner-child therapy and how to use it as a tool for personal growth and transformation. 

• Gain visibility on aspects where your inner-child is leading the adult you (at work and at home)
• Learn how to listen & communicate with your inner child (and why this is important) 
• Expand your self-awareness and identify opportunities to unlock growth potential
• Learn strategies & tools to re-parent your inner child


• Learn skills and techniques to manage your emotions maturely
• Improve your connection with yourself and your friends and family
• Gain confidence to live your most authentic life and speak your truth 





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