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Family Constellations Workshop

Whether you seek resolution, reconciliation, or simply a deeper understanding of your family dynamics, this workshop is a powerful opportunity to gain clarity, release burdens, and open pathways for personal growth and transformation.

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It didn't start with you

Uncover the origins of your story

Family Constellations, is a therapeutic approach that aims to uncover and resolve deep-seated family dynamics and emotional entanglements.


The underlying principle of Family Constellations is based on the idea that families and other social systems function as interconnected and interdependent units, and the experiences of one family member can impact the entire system.


These experiences can sometimes result in unresolved traumas, conflicts, or negative patterns that are passed down through generations, affecting the well-being and happiness of current family members. 

You can expect to:

✔️Gain profound insights into family dynamics and ancestral patterns.

✔️Uncover hidden blocks or entanglements affecting your relationships or personal growth.

✔️Access wisdom and support from your ancestral leniage

✔️Discover a deeper understanding of the connections between past, present, and future

✔️Gain a greater sense of security with who you are

What issue can I work on?

While you can work on absolutely anything in a constellation because everything has an energy field, here are some common topics people choose to work on.


1. Mother-In-law Issues

2. Miscarriages and abortions

3. Inability to make peace with someone 

4. Limiting beliefs and patterns within the family

5. Ancestral debt – Feeling like you owe your family A LOT


1. Anger

2. Grief

3. Loneliness

4. Apathy/inability to connect

5. Fear & Insecurity

Life Themes:

1. Money

2. Success

3. Love

4. Fulfilling Connection

5. Adventure

6. Spiritual Connection

7. Purpose

8. Security


How does a constellation work?

In a Family Constellations session, a trained facilitator guides the process. The person seeking resolution, called the "client," presents an issue or a question they would like to explore. Other participants, called "representatives," are chosen from the group to stand in for members of the client's family or other relevant elements of the system.

The representatives then position themselves in the room according to their intuition or guidance from the facilitator.

Through this physical representation, the client's family dynamics and hidden emotional entanglements are made visible and can be explored. The facilitator observes and guides the constellation, often asking representatives to express their feelings and perceptions.

During this process, insights and resolutions can emerge as representatives gain awareness of their experiences and emotions, providing an opportunity for healing and reconciliation. The facilitator may suggest interventions, such as repositioning or verbal statements, to help restore balance and harmony within the system.

Understanding Energy Fields

Energy fields are something that we cannot see. Instead, we experience the effects that these fields have on our lives in our everyday. The gravitational field is an example of a field where we feel the effects of gravity weighing us down but are unable to see it.

Energy fields carry information for organisms, society and culture, and enable us access to inherent memory, over space and time. If we look at societies and cultures in terms of energy fields, it allows a broader context within which to understand them.


The resonance of the past informs the activities and life of the present. Every organism has a memory of being and acting a certain way. It is an inherent memory which is passed down through energy fields present in our everyday lives.  

Through family constellations, we are able to access these fields of information and heal and change the energy that these fields hold for us entirely. This work benefits us, as well as our future generations.

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Embrace Movement Therapy

Embrace the Motion, Ignite Your Emotion

Family Constellations is a form of therapy that utilizes movement and body awareness to promote emotional, cognitive and physical integration. Each session is interactive as it involves physically moving around a room. This often creates an environment where we can work on ourselves while having fun and enjoying the process.

The Details 

In-Person Workshop

Date: April 27th and 28th
Time: 10.00am - 6.00pm

Investment: $388 (early bird till 20 april) $438 thereafter

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