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Become the most likable person in the room

Free yourself from messy relationships with Family Constellations

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It didn't start with you

Are you tired of having the same issues repeat themselves over and over again in different relationships? Or have you decided to consciously “detach” from people to save yourself from the heartache of being let down? Family constellations work under the premise that if our lives were a novel, we are not on the first chapter. The story did not start with us. So, if you’ve ever felt cursed or like you’re the problem, it may be time to connect yourself to the original story. The time has come to stop the past from affecting the future.

How a constellation works

Connect to the morphic field

Everything has an energy field. Much like tuning into a particular radio frequency, the first step of a constellation is to connect to the energy field of the issue. 


Once you connect to the morphic field, all of the elements in the field reveal itself. This is like discovering all of the pieces on a chess board. During this process you will uncover energetic entanglements which are hampering your progress. 


Energy is meant to flow freely.  When things in our lives remain stuck, something needs to be unclogged. Processing and moving the energetic elements in your field, allows for energy to flow with ease. 


In contrast to talking about your problems again and again, once the energy in your personal space is processed, transformation becomes easy. Become the person you have always wanted to be. 

Energy is Everything

Have you ever met someone and liked them instantly? What about the reverse? Have you ever met someone and felt alarm bells go off? Most people can resonate with both experiences because as human beings, we are feelers. This means that before our conscious mind can process information, our bodies have already taken score of what's happening around us. 

What this means is that when things are not working out for you, your energy is sending out signals which do not serve you. 

Stop wasting time going round and round with the same set of problems and start releasing the energies within you that no longer serve you. 

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Family Constellations Help with...

Limiting Beliefs

While positive affirmations can be a powerful tool for transformation, some limiting beliefs are so deeply ingrained into our psyche. This means that trying to consciously change a negative belief may not work because it is energetically entangled within you. Breaking the entanglement releases the belief.  


Some people believe that if you have money, you do not have an issue with money.  Instead, everyone has a relationship with money and one can have money and still have a poor relationship with it. Our core beliefs about money very often orginate from our family. Therefore our relationship with money can be resolved by changing our understanding of money in relation to our family. 

Ancestral Trauma

Studies show that the traumas experienced by our parents, grandparents and ancestors can be the hidden reason behind unexplainable physical and psychological issues. Scientists refer to this phenomenon as secondary PTSD. Family Constellations works directly with ancestral trauma to resolve unexplainable issues.


Behind every relationship is a hidden dynamic. In turbulent, unhappy and toxic relationships, unresolved trauma is very often a part of the picture. Family Constellations seamlessly unearths and resolves unseen issues that lie in relationship dynamics. 

Health Issues

By the time a health issue becomes physical, we are likely to be facing challenges in the mental and emotional fields as well. Studies show that the origins of physical health issues stem from unprocessed emotion. This explains why stress is often listed as a major cause of most serious health conditions. Family Constellations enables you to examine and process your health issues from a mental, physical and emotional plane. 

Recurring themes in life

Human beings are energetic beings living in a magnetic world. This means that we are both consciously and subconsciously the creators of our fate. When we have a recurring themes in our life, it usually means that there is something in our energy field which is attracting the same situation over and over again. Through Family Constellation, discover and change what it is within you that is creating a negative recurring pattern.

What we offer

Individual Constellations

➊ This is a one-on-one process. 

➋ The client comes forward with a theme or issue they would like to work on.

➌ The practitioner represents all of the elements in the clients energy field. During this process, hidden dynamics is revealed and stuck energy in the field is processed.

➍ Both the client and the practitoner heal, grow and gain new perspectives during this process.

Group Constellations

➊ This is a group process. It involves a client and a group of strangers who are known as representatives. 

➋ The client comes forward with a theme or issue they would like to work on.

➌ Individuals are then chosen from the group to represent the issue that the client is trying to resolve.

 The representatives then "act" out what is happening in the clients energy field. During this process, hidden dynamics is revealed and stuck energy in the field is processed by the group. 

❺ Both the client and the representatives heal, grow and gain new perspectives during this process.

How we work

Whether you’re looking to transform your life or grow in new ways, we specialize in providing solutions that fit your lifestyle.

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This is our time to get to know you. Once we determine your goals, we’ll create a customized plan to match your needs.

Get a quote

We recognize that everyone has differing resources. From a weekend workshop to a one-to-one tailored program, we break down what will work best for you.

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Begin the journey of becoming a better you.

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A little more about Family Constellations.......

Is my family cursed?

It may be. Contrary to popular thinking, curses are not necessarily dark energies that are sent to you through weird rituals. Curses can often originate within a family in the form of a thought or belief. For example, an ancestor who was really rich and lost all of their money may unknowingly impart the belief that money causes heartbreak. This belief may then be carried down the ancestry line, causing entire lineages of people to struggle with earning, keeping, or finding happiness with money. So if you are looking around your family and extended family and noticing a very similar theme in the issues you are facing, family constellations is the place for you. 

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