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While the technological advances of the 21st century have made it easier for us to connect to one another, we find ourselves feeling more and more disconnected. At the Kaizen Collective, we recognize how important support is and we created a company to support people through life’s challenges. 

The Kaizen way

A path of continuous improvement

Kaizen is an ancient Japanese philosophy that translates to "continuous improvement". As every stage of life presents us with opportunities for growth and change, our Collective exists for people to elevate themselves to new levels of being.

About Darvinya

Seeking change with purpose

My journey into the world of self-development began with my education. I had an innate passion for conflict resolution which led me to pursue my masters degree in International Relations from NYU. I was driven to make the world a better place as I honed my skills in diplomacy. My life seemed perfect as I was about to graduate with the world at my feet.

Unfortunately, inside I was in complete turmoil - going in and out of chronic depression and having bouts of panic attacks. Then I suffered a breakdown which saw me take a leave of absence from my studies. In that leave of absence, I was hospitalized and sent to a rehabilitation facility for 2 months. These dark days, which turned out to be my rock bottom, ended up being the very beginning of my spiritual journey. 

Before I went to the facility, I was on a slate of anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications. While these medications did help me feel better, I could not fathom the idea of being on medication for the rest of my life. I was constantly being told that depression and anxiety are life-long diseases and I would need to learn how to manage them permanently. It was my refusal to believe that my depression and anxiety could not be cured, which pivoted me into the world of alternative wellness. 

I started with Reiki – an energy healing technique from Japan. And as I started to feel better for the first time in years, I was curious to know how? How was it possible to feel better instantly? 

I had grown up in a family where alcoholism was prevalent and dysfunction was an everyday occurrence. My childhood was something I never really talked about and could barely remember. Yet my life was full of unexplainable limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of self-sabotage. Through healing the wounds of my childhood, I learned to let go of my past baggage. I started to move forward with my life.


I then learned about epigenetics and how our ancestors can pass down stored trauma from our lineage. And as I started to work on my issues from differrent dimensions, my ability to keep, grow and form relationships changed. By far, my biggest discovery has been that while the 21st century has seen many breakthroughs in medicine, learning to communicate well is often the best cure to mental and emotional pain. 

Through inner child work and life coaching, I spent less time talking about my problems and more time finding the solutions I wanted instead. As one anxiety-free day turned into weeks, months and years -  I started to live differently.


Today I am a coach who teaches and practices the techniques which transformed my personal and professional life. I know it works because I started out as a client and my life is forever changed because of it. While I have experience deep pain in this lifetime, I know we don't have to live in an uncomfortable space forever. We are always a moment away from transformation. 

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Masters in International Relations (NYU)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner & Coach​​

​Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT) Coach

Inner Child Integration Therapist

Transpersonal Regression Therapist

Family Constellations Facillitator

Reiki Master Teacher
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At the Kaizen Collective, we value honesty because it is our secrets that keep us stuck. We realize honesty is like an onion. There are many layers to being honest.

And through our work we value the process of peeling off new layers. For us, honesty is not just about telling the truth, Rather it is about be true to ourselves and showing up authentically regardless of the  circumstances.


 At the Kaizen Collective, we recognize that if the problem is outside the box, most likely the solution is too.

We believe that being open to trying new things and receiving solutions from unsuspecting sources is the difference between a happy life and a turbulent one. 

Willingness to Change

While change can be uncomfortable at times, growth happens outside the comfort zone. We believe that being willing to change is a quintessential step to transformation.

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