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Every part of your life has the potential to work in total coherence with the other. Let us help you conquer what is not working and get you fulfilling your highest potential.

Personal Therapy Diversified

Because conventional therapy may not be for everyone.

We think outside the box

We know what it's like to have had an issue with someone and done everything under the sun to resolve it - only to circle right back to square one. You may have meditated, done years of therapy, read book after book, and spoken to many people. And yet progress was limited. 

This is WHY we offer solutions that are unconventional. At the Kaizen Collective, we recognize that if the problem is outside the box, most likely the solution is too.

What we offer

Coaching &

Transpersonal Therapy

Everyone has a strategy they use to live life. For example, some people use the strategy of remembering past failures to prevent future mishaps. Life coaching is the process of weeding out behaviours and thought patterns which no longer serve us, while consciously choosing to employ a strategy which works in favour of our goals.

Inner Child Work

An Inner Child is a part of us from the past which is stuck in time. Have you ever felt like you could hear more than one voice in your mind? What if the many voices within you were just different versions of you from your past? Inner Child work is the process of making peace with the different “you’s” within you – leaving you with greater clarity and peace.

Family Constellation is based on the epigenetic concept that values and beliefs are passed down from our ancestors to us. Family Constellations deal with emotional and energetic entanglements which we have in relationships. It is the process of untangling messy relationship dynamics by exploring the root of the problem and restoring a flow of love to the relationship. 

Reiki is a universal energy - i.e it comes from the higher realms of the universe. Much like the energy of the sun, there are greater energetic forces out there which we have access to at any given moment in time.

Reiki works by drawing a connection between ourselves and an infinite source of universal energy, in order to manifest our highest desires. It is a meditative practice that enables us to rejuvinate ourselves instantly.

Why it works

IC 1.png

Understanding vs Blame

While forgiveness is often cited as being key in the realm of self-healing, the process of letting go most commonly happens after understanding has occurred. Everything happens for a reason and when we seek out healing practices that enable us to understand “why” life becomes a lot easier.


Energy Matters

Our body keeps the score. This means that unless we release stuck energy within our bodies, we are likely to keep circling back around the same problems. We are electromagnetic beings living in a magnetic world. This means that change can happen really quickly by focusing on shifting our energy.


Going to the root of the problem

It doesn’t always start with us. Giving back what doesn’t belong to us, frees up so much space within our energy system for ourselves and our future generations. 

How we work

Whether you’re looking to transform your life or grow in new ways, we specialize in providing solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Book a consult

This is our time to get to know you. Once we determine your goals, we’ll create a customized plan to match your needs.

Get a quote

We recognize that everyone has differing resources. From a weekend workshop to a one-to-one tailored program, we break down what will work best for you.

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Begin the journey of becoming a better you.


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