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Reiki Treatment, Reiki Singapore

Become the 
CREATOR of your life

Discover how Reiki can help you leverage universal energy to manifest the life you truly desire 

Darvinya Param Reiki Singapore

Access Universal Support

You don't have to do it all alone

Are you tired of feeling like you need to be responsible for everything, constantly juggling several balls at the same time? Or do you want so much more than you have but feel like you need to put in a lot of work to get there?


By turning to forces greater than ourselves, we can make giant leaps toward what we really want. Reiki is a universal energy that guides you toward your most authentic version of yourself. It is an energy that enables you to attract into your life all of the resources you need to get to where you want to go. 

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What we offer

Personal Reiki Session

This is a one-on-one tailored Reiki session. In this 60-minute session, you can expect to lie down comfortably, while a Reiki practitioner channels Reiki energy into you. In this session you can expect to: 

🌎 Connect to universal energy

🌊 Release negative and stuck energy

💞 Balance your internal energy system
🙌🏼 Feel more relaxed and stress free

Reiki Workshops

A Reiki workshop equips you with the skills to to practice reiki on yourself and others. Discover an entirely new way of living life as you forge a new realtionship with energy.


A Reiki workshop is for you if :

✔️ You are energy sensitive, often processing alot of feelings without really understanding very much about it.

✔️ You know you have issues to work through but would like a way of processing them without having to speak about it. 
✔️You are looking for a systemic way of learning and understanding universal energy, so that you can grow as a person.

✔️You are eager for more support in life. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique that originated in Japan in the late 19th century. The word "Reiki" can be broken down into two parts: "rei," which means universal or higher power, and "ki," which refers to the life force energy that flows through all living beings.

Reiki is an energy that comes from the higher realms of the universe. Much like the energy of the sun, there are greater energetic forces out there which we have access to at any given moment in time.

Practicing Reiki involves drawing energy from a higher sources and recharging our batteries. Much like a fully charged battery, this gives us an abundance of energy and enables us to improve the quality of our everyday life. Reiki promotes healing and balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

Reiki Singapore

How a session works?

During a Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands on or near the recipient's body, allowing the energy to flow through them and into the recipient. The energy is believed to activate the natural healing processes of the body and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being. Reiki is considered a complementary therapy and is often used alongside conventional medical treatments.

Reiki Singapore

How Reiki Helps

Some of the reported benefits of Reiki include stress reduction, pain relief, improved sleep, enhanced emotional well-being, and a sense of spiritual connection. It is considered a gentle and non-invasive practice that can be used on people of all ages, including infants and the elderly.

Removes Internal Blocks

Most people lack the ability to attract opportunities into their lives because they have put up walls to protect themselves. Reiki is an intelligent energy that dissolves internal blocks so that you can manifest the life you desire. 

Improves Relationships

In disharmonious relationships, there is often old and stuck energy that keeps past patterns at play. Reiki cleanses your energy field, enabling you to find harmony in your relationships 

Aligns you to your purpose

Life is turbulent when you are living it out of alignment to your purpose. Reiki is a universal energy that enables you to re-connect to who you truly are and what you are here for. 

Meditation Reiki Singapore

Reiki's Growing Popularity

The popularity of Reiki within mainstream medical faculties has been growing exponentially. In some countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, there are hospitals and medical centres that offer Reiki as part of their complementary and integrative medicine programs. These programs aim to provide a holistic approach to healthcare by incorporating various non-conventional therapies alongside conventional medical treatments.


Reiki has been embraced by both individuals seeking personal healing and some healthcare professionals who integrate it into their practices. Today, Reiki is commonly offered in holistic health centres, wellness retreats, and complementary therapy clinics. 

Next workshop

Reiki 1 Workshop

Date: 22nd & 23rd of July 2023
Time: 10am t
o 5pm 

Energy Exchange: $580

Reiki Singapore

Reiki 1 Workshop

Our Reiki 1 workshop teaches you the basics of Reiki. You'll learn the history, science, and principles of this ancient healing practice. We'll also guide you through the steps of a Reiki session, so you can start practicing this healing art on yourself, family, friends, and clients. Join us today and learn how to use the healing power of Reiki to promote well-being and create balance in your life.


  • Manifestation - Learn how to draw on universal energy to manifest your deepest desires

  • Chakra Balancing - Learn how to use Reiki to balance your energy centers within your body.

  • Full body healing teachnique - A comprehensive deep healing technique aimed at creating long-term health and wellness. 

  • First aid treatment - Reiki as a tool to help with injuries and health issues.

  • Treat others with Reiki - Learn how to perform a 1 hour Reiki treatment on someone else.

  • Animal and Plant Reiki - Learn how to treat your animals and plants with Reiki.

  • Intuitive Reiki - Enhance the growth of your intuition with Reiki. ​

Key Takeaways

✔️ Master the ability to balance your energy instantly

✔️ Manifest your highest desires with confidence and ease 

✔️ Grow your intuition

✔️ Learn to heal yourself at the levels of mind, body and soul

✔️ Access universal support through reiki in any moment. 

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