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The Kaizen

Community is much more than belonging to something. It is about doing something together that makes belonging matter. Come join us at one of our Kaizen Community events and become a part of what makes our belonging matter. 


Bi-Weekly Group Coaching 

Group Coaching Calls ​are interactive webinars. In each call, a particular topic will be taught by Darvinya. You may submit questions before each call to be answered on the day and you can expect to learn something new, laugh and connect with new people. 

Energy Exchange $25

Duration: 90 mins

Location: Online via Zoom

Promotion: First call is free 

  • Topic: Value-Based Goal Setting
    Date: January 23rd 2022 (Sunday)

    Time: 04.00pm - 05.30pm
    Location: Online (via zoom) 
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  • Topic: Anger Management 
    Date: January 29th 2022
    Time: 04.00pm - 05.30pm 
    Location: Online (via zoom)
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Reiki Connect

Reiki Connects are a dedicated space for people to come together, connect and practice reiki. Each session lasts for about 90 minutes and includes a 30 minute introduction to Reiki along with an hour long guided reiki and meditative practice. All reiki connects are held in person and are limited to a group of 5. Expect to leave this experience feeling rejuvinated and revitalized.  

Energy Exchange: $25

Duration: 90mins

Location: In Person 

Promotion: First reiki share is free

  • Topic: Manifesting for the new year
    Date: January 20th 2022 (Thursday)
    Time: 10.00am - 11..30am
    Location: In Person
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  • Topic: Manifesting for the new year
    Date: January 30th 2022
    Time: 04.00pm - 05.30pm 
    Location: In Person
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Monthly community Meet

Have you ever wondered what it means to belong to a community in an increasingly disconnected world? Are you looking for your own tribe of people - a community of like-minded souls who gather in the name of personal development. Join our monthly group connect to meet people who just like you are on their very own journeys of self-discovery. 


In this group call you can expect to learn, laugh and engage with others others from a heart centered space.  


Energy Exchange: Free

Duration: 60mins

  • Topic: Jumpstarting 2022
    Date: January 27th 2022
    Time: 08.00pm -09.00pm 
    Location: Online (via zoom)
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Not sure where to start?

With so many different options to choose from, you may be curious to find out which community event suits you best. Drop us a message via the chat below and we can help you decide.